Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome UCF students!

For my steady readers, you should probably know that I'm teaching a business and professional communication class at the University of Central Florida. I love teaching and being in the classroom is very energizing.

Welcome to my students! As we discussed in class tonight, research shows that people who are satisfied with their family life make better employees. They come to work ready to go, don't spend all day at the coffee pot moaning about how bad things are, then go home to be with family. You can enhance your work life by learning the skills, tips, and research presented here.

I hope you have a chance to look around and enjoy a bit.
More posts in a day or so!

Happy Communicating~
Andrea / Dr. Scott :-)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Kids to Play Alone Together

Well, I found it. And I'm positive that if you have children, you have discovered the solution to getting your kids to play alone together, too. And I mean, quiet, focused, in-their-bedroom kind of play.

All I had to say was, "It's time to pack up Christmas."

Now, I have to admit, my older boy did well with the tasks I gave him. The younger one...well...not so much!

As soon as we were to a grown-up-only point, I sent the kids to their bedroom. I've never seen them scurry so fast! And then ~ golden silence! :-)

I did manage to get a lot done. And my boys played well together. While they didn't get as much of a cleaning lesson, they did learn they can play well together. And perhaps for now that's enough of a lesson.

Happy Communicating!
~ Andrea