Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Holidays and In-Laws

As my semester winds down and I find myself buried in papers to edit and grade, finale exams to prepare, and 100 students concerned about grades they should have been concerned about 10 weeks ago, I find myself pondering that in the middle of all that, I must prepare for the holidays. Thanksgiving will occur in between grading papers and final exams. Then when my exams are over, the Christmas rush will begin.

I know that my story is not unique. All of you have busy schedules, no matter how much we tell ourselves we need to slow down.

So, when this article came through my e-mail inbox, I thought I should share it here.
I hope it helps at least one family navigate those tricky in-law issues during the holidays!

As my papers slow down and final exams are created, I'll be back with more tips for communication successfully in our families.

Until then, enjoy your November!