Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skill Day: Being Normal

I're thinking, "being normal is a skill?"

Well, sort of! If you recall, last week I wrote about being normal and that there are several different ways researchers classify families as normal.

While being normal isn't really a skill, remembering that all families are different IS a skill. It's so easy to talk with our friends and start second-guessing our lives. A simple, innocuous question may lead to questioning our decisions and choices for our families. Sometimes it's hard to remember that we are all different. And being different is good! We don't need to be just like someone else.

So, whether you homeschool or send your children to school...whether you work or stay at home...whether you are Episcopalian or non-denominational...whether you have six children or none...whether you are married or divorced...all are okay. We all need to live the lives we have and be normal in our own way.

This week, as you talk to your friends and move about in your world, work on NOT comparing your life to someone else's. Just listen and talk and enjoy the friendships. You'll be happy you did.

Have a great week!

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