Monday, March 7, 2011

No Family is the Same

We all know that our friends grew up in different families, right? You're probably muttering something like "duh" right now.

Did you know that even siblings grow up in different families? That's right. Each time a new member is added to a family, the dynamic changes. So, you're not crazy when you remember one thing about your family growing up and your sister/brother remembers the same incident totally different.

Likewise, when you are raising a family, it's always different eacht ime you add a child. I remember crying to my sister after my second DS was born. I wanted things to be just like they were when it was just my DH and DS1. My sister said "you'll never be that Mommy again." I cried for nearly a year mourning the loss and fighting the reality of what she told me. Until I realized it's just a family dynamic thing. I might not be the SAME Mommy I was before, but I can be a great, different Mommy now.

So, instead of being frustrated by the different view you and a sibling have, or lamenting the change, rejoice in the differences!

Happy Communicating,

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