Sunday, November 13, 2011

Friends and Life

So, it occurred to me the other day that I'm a soccer mom. I don't say that with all the societal connotations. I simply have a son who plays soccer through his school and I sit and watch twice a week for practice. There are three of us who actually leave our car and chat while our children play.

We three moms are all at different places in our lives. While we have children of similar ages, our adult interests vary some. One of my newfound friends commented that the other mom and I are supermoms. I was quick to point out that she does so much that we don't do. We all make great choices for our own lives and the lives of our children.

That's my message to you today. Don't think too much about what other moms are doing. Do what YOU are called to do. That's your responsibility. I have a dear friend who home schools four children under seven years old, while being strong in her faith and having a clean, beautiful house. I'm truly not sure how she does this. Yet, I am not her. I have different gifts and challenges. I use them in the ways I've been called.

As you and your friends communicate this week, remember it's okay to support her and still be true to who you are. There's no need for comparisons, envy, or judgment - just supermoms loving each other

Happy Communicating~

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  1. What a great post! Very encouraging!! And so very true!! :-)