Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Kids to Play Alone Together

Well, I found it. And I'm positive that if you have children, you have discovered the solution to getting your kids to play alone together, too. And I mean, quiet, focused, in-their-bedroom kind of play.

All I had to say was, "It's time to pack up Christmas."

Now, I have to admit, my older boy did well with the tasks I gave him. The younger one...well...not so much!

As soon as we were to a grown-up-only point, I sent the kids to their bedroom. I've never seen them scurry so fast! And then ~ golden silence! :-)

I did manage to get a lot done. And my boys played well together. While they didn't get as much of a cleaning lesson, they did learn they can play well together. And perhaps for now that's enough of a lesson.

Happy Communicating!
~ Andrea


  1. My girls are either best friends or serious enemies lol Lately I've decided puzzles are the best way to force treaties :0) *still giggling*

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. That means so much to me. ;)

  2. Thank YOU, Elisa for sharing your story with the world. You are a brave woman!
    Puzzles are a GREAT idea ! :-)