Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Fun

As we head into summer, I know most parents feel a mix of emotions. They love to be with their kids, but also need to figure out what to DO with their kids all summer. This is especially challenging for those parents who work through the summer.

Before school ends is the perfect time to ask your kids what THEY would like to do this summer. Be sure they know in advance that everything they want may not happen! Think of it like brainstorming. Talk with each child and have him tell you five things he would love to do this summer. One of you write them down. Then go through the list and pick the ones that are doable for your family. That may be one item...three...or all five! Pick what can work for you.

Ask why your child wants to do the things on the list. What makes those items special? Your goal is to understand how your child thinks and what she values. You are not critiquing their choices or reasons.

Then, make plans to do the item(s) you can do. Your child will love that you took the time to talk to her and you will build trust and respect as you do the activities they requested. In the process, you'll have fun over the summer.

Happy Summer Planning!

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